Children's Dentistry

As a father of four daughters himself, Manchester dentist Dr. Stanford enjoys taking care of children. Helping them learn about their oral health and understand its importance is a passion of his. Because of this passion, he has been giving dental presentations at the surrounding elementary schools for over 30 years.

Dr. Stanford also understands how important first visits to the dentist are for setting your child up for success in the future. So you will find that our entire team at Stanford Dental is focused on making your little one’s visit to our office a positive and upbeat experience.

The First Visit

Dr. Stanford recommends that your child’s first visit take place around the age of three years old. We will start by acclimating them to “the dental chair” and counting and examining their teeth. If they feel comfortable enough to have a cleaning, our hygienists will clean their teeth with special flavored paste. We will never move forward with any procedure until your child is completely comfortable.

We focus on using language that is comforting and not scary for your child; and as they get older, we involve them in learning about their oral health by showing them their x-rays on the television screen and discussing their development with them.

Just like adults, children should see the dentist every six months, and as they get older we will incorporate x-rays into their visits once a year. This allows Dr. Stanford to monitor their growth and development so any necessary recommendations can be made in a timely manner.

Additional Services

Children have unique dental needs, and we may recommend some additional services to help build and protect their teeth as they grow, such as fluoride treatments.

Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally and helps to build and strengthen developing teeth. It can also assist in remineralizing teeth that have been damaged by tooth decay. We can easily apply fluoride during your child’s routine cleaning and checkup.

Contact Your Manchester Dentist

Dr. Stanford enjoys taking care of families, and he understands how much more convenient it is when each member of the family is able to see the same dental provider. Our experience leads us to recommend early appointments for children when they are fresh and not tired in order to provide them with the best dental visit possible.

We look forward to the relationship we will build with your child and taking care of your family for many years to come.