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As a parent, you want the best for your child. That means taking care of their teeth. However, we at Stanford Dental understand that among all the things you need to do for your child, this can sometimes fall by the wayside. We find that simple education and awareness about various dental issues can help you feel the motivation and find the time to incorporate dental care into your child’s everyday routine.

One issue to be aware of is called baby bottle tooth decay. This occurs when a child’s little baby teeth have premature tooth decay, which often comes from the ingredients of their baby bottle or baby food. Here are some tips on safeguarding your child so they don’t have this problem.

-Sugar is the main culprit of cavities. Avoid putting sugary drinks in your child’s bottle and refrain from dipping their binky in honey or sugar. Most of all do not send your child to bed with a drink that is high in sugar.

-While you’re cleaning up your child’s adorable messy face after a meal, take a moment to wipe their gums with a wet cloth.

-Once your child’s first tooth grows appears above the gum line, brush it once or twice a day with a child-sized toothbrush and water. When they’re 2 years old, you can introduce them to toothpaste. Once two teeth touch each other, add flossing to the routine. The whole routine will likely take about 5 minutes each morning and night.

At about age 1, you can start bringing your child into our office to see Dr. James Stanford, our experienced family dentist in Ballwin, Missouri, every six months. You can call 636-256-3559 to make an appointment. We’ll be happy to see you and your little one!