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Life happens. Whether it’s on the game field, in the grocery store, or getting out of bed, a dental emergency can hit your face at any time, with no warning. There are two things that you can do to help with dental emergencies. First, you can prepare to prevent injuries with guards and precautions. Second, when they do happen, immediately contact Stanford Dental by calling 636-256-3559. If it is urgent, come to our office for an appointment with our highly skilled dentist in Ballwin, Missouri, immediately. If very prompt medical attention is needed, and serious injury or death could occur, call 911.

Preventative Measures:

— Though you cannot always wear a mouthguard, there are circumstances where you should wear one to prevent injury. You should wear a mouthguard while playing most sports or doing anything that knocks your head around.

— Take the safe route. In the car, wear a seatbelt; while climbing, use a rope; and while biking, wear a helmet. It takes a little extra time to be safe, but it could save your jaw or life.

— Practice good dental hygiene. Having stronger teeth makes them more resistant to injury so make sure to brush, floss, and come in for biannual checkups at Stanford Dental.

Possible Issues:

— Knocked out tooth: We can replace missing teeth with dental implants.

— Lost Filling or Crown: Come into our practice to get new ones.

— Dislocated Jaw: We would recommend going to the ER as soon as possible.

We want you to be safe and protected, so please come into our practice to get treatment if you have any dental issues. Call 636-256-3559 to set up an appointment with Dr. James Stanford.