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Root canal therapy is one of the most common ailments corrected by dentists everywhere. Indeed, millions of teeth every year are saved because of a root canal coming to the rescue. Our Stanford Dental team is proud to be able to help our patients in Ballwin, Missouri suffering from tooth problems recover their healthy smile. Following are some tips about how a root canal can help you:

What is a root canal? A root canal is an endodontic treatment performed on the inside of the inflamed or infected tooth, also known as the tooth pulp. A tooth’s pulp is the soft tissue that lies beneath the hard layer of dentin under the tooth enamel. This soft tissue is filled with blood vessels and connective tissue along with nerves. In a tooth which is fully developed, your tooth can still function without the pulp, thanks to the nourishment supplied by the tissues.

What causes a tooth to become infected? The reason an infected tooth should not be ignored is because it will only worsen, causing pain and even become abscessed. Your tooth can be damaged for a variety of reasons, including severe tooth decay, having had multiple dental procedures on that particular tooth, if the tooth has a crack or chip in it, if you have had a crown put in that is faulty, or perhaps trauma from an injury which damaged that tooth.

What happens during a root canal? During an endodontic treatment, the damaged tooth pulp is first removed completely. Next, Dr. James Stanford will thoroughly clean and disinfect the area. Once the tooth is clean it is filled and sealed with a material known as gutta-percha, a material which is like rubber. Finally, your tooth will be restored either with a filling or crown to protect it. And that’s it! Your restored tooth will function just like its neighbors.

If you have been putting off having a root canal performed on a damaged tooth, we invite you to have it taken care of so you can once again have a pain-free smile! Please call 636-256-3559 today and speak to a member of our caring staff.