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How long should my dental work last?

Dr. Stanford prides himself on using the highest quality materials and preserving as much natural tooth structure as he can. His goal is to produce dentistry that can last for many years as long as your investment is maintained through regular check-ups and other protection such as a night guard if necessary.

Replacing Dental Work

Dr. Stanford is also happy to replace old restorations that may be breaking down. During your new patient visit, he takes photos and does a thorough examination to assess the health of any restorations you currently have. He will let you know if it would benefit your oral health to replace some of your old restorations.

Unfortunately, the metal amalgam fillings that were used in the past have a tendency to break down over time. This is due to metal's natural response to temperature change, which is to expand and contract. This causes the metal to pull away from the tooth, which can lead to to the tooth or restoration breaking or bacteria reentering your tooth to cause decay.

Composite Resin Fillings

The composite resin material we use to fill cavities today is bonded directly to your tooth, which helps avoid the breakdown you might experience with your metal restorations.

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