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How can I get straighter teeth without braces?


A lot of our patients are interested in getting straighter teeth, but do not want to go with the route of typical braces. Much of the feedback we have gotten, especially from our adult patients, is a lack of interest in metal brackets due to cosmetic reasons. 
Many patients are interested in a straight appearance in their smile and in many cases these patients can achieve their goal in a very short period of time. Some patients are more involved cases and never had the chance to get braces when they were younger.
Our biggest advice to our patients, is that if your teeth keep you from smiling, it is definitely an investment that will change your life. 
Invisalign offers a way to get the desired straight smile without the embarrassment of metal brackets. Some cases can be completed in a short amount of time and it is often more comfortable than braces. 
You can also customize the use of Invisalign with your lifestyle. Liners can be removed for eating and for activities, such as sports. 
At Stanford Dental, we warn our patients to stay away from the competitors that promise a straight smile without appointments with a dentist. This is an extremely risky way and could cause long term, expensive damage. If not done with a professional, clear aligners could cause terrible jaw issues and even uproot teeth. It is very important that a dentist helps you along the way to check your bite as you go.
If you are a candidate for Invisalign, be ready for a discrete and convenient way to get that beautiful smile you've always dreamed about!
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