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I lost a filling. How do I know if it’s an emergency?


If you lose a filling, don't panic. At Stanford Dental, we see this type of emergency all the time and can see you typically same-day or next-day if needed. Our main recommendation is to call as soon as you're able to schedule an appointment.

There can be different reasons you lose a filling:

  • There could be decay underneath it
  • You could be grinding and clenching your teeth
  • You may have been chewing on something that loosened the bonding

The last thing we would want is for our patients to be in any sort of pain. If the broken filling is sharp or has a rough edge we recommend calling Dr. Stanford right away, so we can get you scheduled to relieve your discomfort. 

Even if it does not hurt, doesn't mean you should wait to call. There could be a bigger underlying issue hiding under the surface of your tooth, like decay. Decay that is not treated only grows bigger, every single time.


The biggest misconception in dentistry is that pain is the main indicator of an emergency. To the contrary, in most cases there is usually no pain until it is too late and the decay has entered the nerve. Remember, decay doesn't usually hurt. 


Our goal at Stanford Dental is to stop decay at its earliest stages of development. Doing this helps prevent our patients from potential future root canals or tooth loss. This is why Dr. Stanford practices Microdentistry at his office.

The philosophy of Microdentistry is to remove as little amount of natural tooth as possible for a patient. Dr. Stanford uses technology like loupes, dyes, air abrasion, the diagnodent, and tooth colored fillings to minimize the amount of natural tooth structure he has to remove to treat our patient's decay. This type of dentistry helps our patients keep their teeth for a lifetime. 


Learn more about Microdentistry here.

We Are Here to Help

If you lose a filling, Dr. James Stanford and the Stanford Dental team is here for you. Whether you live in Manchester, Ballwin, Ellisville, or the greater St. Louis area, we are available for your emergency care. Don't delay; call us today!

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