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Do you make same-day appointments?

At Stanford Dental, we strive to see our patients at their earliest convenience. In the case of dental emergencies, we promise to get our patients in either same-day or next-day if you are able to work around our schedule. We know that a tooth emergency is never convenient for anyone and always comes at the worst time. That is why we always make sure to have emergency slots available on the schedule, because we want to be there for you when you need us the most.

The last thing we would want is for an existing or new patient to have to wait days without being seen by a dentist. That is why we always make ourselves available to you.

Dr. Stanford’s philosophy has always been to not over-schedule his day with patients on top of each other, which would jeopardize your quality of care. Instead, we carefully protect our schedule to always reserve individual time and care for each of our patients, which helps ensure an excellent interaction every single time. We also consistently run on time, so that is why we are able to accommodate our emergency situations. If you’re willing to work within our schedule, then we are available to see you today!

Dr. Stanford is also always available to be reached by phone by all of his patients. Even during off hours he is able to provide advice and reassurance during emergency situations until you are able to be seen the next working day. We don’t want you to have to deal with that toothache, cracked tooth, or swollen jaw alone.

Treatment Plans Available

We can’t guarantee full treatment on the same day in every case, but we can guarantee peace of mind and a plan in place to treat you as soon as possible. After you have been treated by Dr. James Stanford, we would love to bring you back for a comprehensive dental exam to make sure that no more dental emergencies happen in your future. No matter what, we will always be there for you!

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