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What's the difference between Six Month Smiles and traditional braces?

Six Month Smiles is an amazing and quick way to straighten your teeth without the hassle and time it takes as with traditional braces. There are four major differences between Six Month Smiles and traditional braces:

1. Six Month Smiles braces are CLEAR. We provide you with white brackets and clear rubber bands so they blend in with your natural smile. While Christmas, Halloween, and neon colors may be cool for kids; it is not what our professional adult patients want when changing their smile.

2. Six Month Smiles is orthodontics recommended for ADULTS ONLY. This is usually a great solution for adults who have already had braces and their teeth have shifted with age. It is also a solution for adults who were never able to get traditional braces as a child.

3. Six Month Smiles is drastically FASTER treatment than traditional braces. This method focuses in on a cosmetic change over a bite change, which the main reason why we don't recommend this method for children. This is also why most our patients can have straight teeth in as little as only six months.

4. Six Month Smiles is typically astronomically LESS EXPENSIVE than traditional braces. While traditional braces can cost up to $10,000, Six Month Smiles is HALF that cost for our patients. This makes it easily obtainable for everyone! We also have special financing options for our Six Month Smiles patients.

Now is the time to get the straight, white smile you have always dreamed of! With Six Month Smiles that dream can become a reality by your next cleaning appointment! As a cherry on top, every Six Month Smile patient receives FREE teeth whitening after their completed with treatment. Don't delay; call our Manchester dental office today!

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