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Floss to feel decent. Floss to feel healthier. Just floss. Our experts at Stanford Dental are fond of the benefits of flossing. Why?

Well, here’s the science of what happens if you don’t floss. In the tight crevices between your teeth, bacteria thrive in a thick and humid environment, feeding on leftover sugars from food particles. As they multiply, they begin to move into your gums. Here they induce increasingly worse conditions until your gums develop an infection called gingivitis. If this goes untreated, it will develop into a more serious disease called periodontitis that can end in the loss of gum tissue and teeth.

Trust, us we aren’t telling you this to scare you. We simply want you to be aware of what can happen and know that there is a way to avoid these problems: just floss each tooth daily. For best results, wiggle the floss in between the crevices to clean out debris, and curve the floss at the gumline.

If you do this and with brush your teeth twice a day, you should be able to maintain healthy teeth. Occasionally, though, bacteria can build up even with proper care. Our skilled dentist, Dr. James Stanford, can capably fight any infection or infestation, so make sure to come into our office twice a year for a check-up.

All of us at Stanford Dental know that your smile matters, which is why we highly recommend you create a daily flossing habit. If you have any questions or want to make an appointment, call our practice in Ballwin, Missouri, at 636-256-3559.