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Do you have teeth that are chipped or stained, or somehow less than perfect? Does smiling make you feel self-conscious of your appearance? If so, Dr. James Stanford and our experienced team at Stanford Dental are here to help! We offer porcelain dental veneers for our patients in Ballwin, Missouri and the surrounding areas who are unhappy with their smile.

How Veneers Work

Our dental veneers are constructed of porcelain which is bonded to the front of your teeth, also called your incisors. These thin, waferlike shells cover the smile flaws in your front teeth, those that are visible whenever you smile. One of the things we like most about porcelain for our veneers is that they simulate your natural teeth both–in color and luster–of your own enamel. Another great thing about porcelain veneers is that the porcelain material resists staining which means you can continue to eat and drink your favorite foods without worrying about harming your smile.

What Veneers Cover

There are many ways dental veneers can help cover the imperfections of your smile. They can be used to close any gaps and spaces in between your pearly whites, as well as whiten those teeth that have lost their luster or whiteness for whatever reason. Even if your teeth are a bit crooked, veneers can fix that. Also, if you have fractures or breaks in your teeth, veneers are the perfect cover.

If you are looking to cover one tooth or several, our porcelain dental veneers can do the job. Please call our team today to find out how our custom veneers can transform your smile. We can be reached at 636-256-3559, and if you need to schedule a consultation we’d be happy to do that! At Stanford Dental, our goal is to help you achieve and maintain the smile of your dreams!