Part of practicing modern dentistry is attention to detail. At Stanford Dental, we want to make sure that we can take care of your every dental need and prevent any damage or decay that would cause you pain or discomfort. Sometimes, effectively tracking the progress of your teeth means that we have to take a much closer look at your individual teeth and surrounding gums.

This is where micro dentistry becomes extremely useful. Micro dentistry is a new science in dentistry that takes advantage of specialized tools and techniques to find and restore small, hard-to-find cavities. The purpose of micro dentistry is to effectively treat any oral health threats through minimally invasive procedures such as bonding techniques, fiber-optic lights, decay-indicating dyes, and tooth-colored fillings. Our skilled dentist can remove the smallest possible amount of tooth structure and place strong bonded fillings, while often avoiding the need for dental anesthetic.

Dr. James Stanford and our team are committed to providing you and your family with the best possible care while preserving your natural smiles. If you have any questions about how micro dentistry in Ballwin, Missouri, can help improve your dental care, please call our office at 636-256-3559 today. We would be happy to address your concerns.