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When it comes to seasons, your health is affected, and that includes your oral health. A beautiful moon-lit summer evening or a crisp, rainy autumn morning can make you feel great, but it could also be causing problems with your teeth and gums. Here are some ways seasonal weather can affect your teeth in Ballwin, Missouri and surrounding areas.

In Spring, allergies can result in sneezing, runny noses, and dry eyes; however, allergies can also cause your mouth to become dry, due to medications to relieve these symptoms. Summertime is usually filled with outdoor activity, such as camping, swimming, road-tripping, and flying to fun and exotic places. Flying or driving long-distance can result in not being able to keep up with your daily oral hygiene; on vacation, being gone all day exploring or touring areas, while snacking, can invite bacteria and therefore decay. Camping in the great outdoors can also prevent you from brushing properly or enough.

Fall allergies rear their ugly head again and the same problems can ensue. Now, you also have cold and flu season to battle, which could bring its own dental problems, especially with vomiting and needing to take cold or flu medication, including cough drops, syrup, and medication, such as antibiotics that can bring its own oral side effects. Winter can dry out your nose and your mouth, so saliva is not as prevalent to keep teeth and gums clean.

As you can see, caring for your teeth year-round is vital to ensuring good oral health. Contact Stanford Dental at 636-256-3559 to get an appointment with our dentist, Dr. James Stanford, to learn more or to receive a checkup if it has been a while.