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Smoking has been shown to have many negative effects on the physical body and that includes oral health. Smoking can lead to many dental conditions, since every puff smoked passes the lips, tongue, teeth, and gums. Here are some ways smoking affects oral health in Ballwin, Missouri.

1. Oral Cancer – this is the most severe disease that can be caused by cancer and is largely prevented by not smoking.
2. Increased loss of jaw bone
3. Tooth discoloration
4. Bad breath
5. Increased buildup of teeth plaque and tartar
6. Increased risk of leukoplakia (white patches inside the mouth)
7. Delayed healing following oral surgery
8. Decreased success rate of dental implant procedures
9. Inflammation of the salivary gland openings on the roof of the mouth
10. Gum disease – smoking and other tobacco products can lead to gum disease, which affects the soft tissues and bone attachment; it can interfere with the normal function of the tissues cells of the gum.

As you can see, smoking can cause a variety of dental conditions. At Stanford Dental, we focus on ensuring your oral health is good, and that is why we offer oral cancer screening and encourage patients who do smoke to quit. Not only can it prolong your oral health, but it can reduce the chances of oral cancer substantially, since the disease is mainly the result of smoking.

For more information on how smoking affects your oral health and how you can get help to quit and get back your oral health, please contact us and get an appointment with our dentist, Dr. James Stanford at 636-256-3559.