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If you are struggling with an infected or inflamed tooth that’s causing a painful toothache, you may have been told that root canal therapy is the best possible treatment solution. We can provide you with skillful root canal therapy to treat a weakened tooth and restore its original function and strength.

Root canal therapy is a treatment often provided to reduce dental pain and prevent an infected tooth from being extracted. However, many patients are hesitant to receive root canal therapy because they believe it will be painful, but modern dental practices can ensure that a root canal procedure is no worse than having a dental filling placed, and our team takes every precaution to keep you comfortable during treatment. The purpose of root canal therapy is to reduce dental pain and restore an infected tooth.

If you visit Stanford Dental for a root canal procedure, you will undergo the following steps:

— The use of dental X-rays enables us to pinpoint the infection’s location in your tooth.

— A local numbing agent will be used to numb your mouth to enhance your comfort.

— Our dentist cleans the tooth chamber of any infected pulp and thoroughly disinfects it, then fills the area with gutta percha, a rubbery dental material, before sealing off the tooth.

— We will later cover the tooth with a dental crown, but while it’s being created, you can receive a temporary filling material to protect the tooth.

If you are interested in learning more about the process of root canal therapy in Ballwin, Missouri, or need to schedule a visit to Stanford Dental, you are welcome to contact Dr. James Stanford and our team at 636-256-3559 today.