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Dark particles from food and other substances can stick to the microscopic pores in your tooth enamel. Over time, these particles penetrate deeper, creating stubborn stains on your teeth.

If you are considering tooth whitening treatment to remove these stains, your safest and most effective option may be professional tooth whitening treatment.

The best teeth whitening method for your smile depends on the depth of the teeth stains. Moderate staining can be removed with a teeth whitening gel, but deep stains or yellowing caused by a loss of tooth enamel may need to be covered with a dental veneer or crown. You can also purchase whitening products from your local store, though these will not be as powerful as the treatment provided by a dentist.

Dr. James Stanford is pleased to offer a take-home whitening treatment that involves pouring a small amount of whitening gel into a custom-made dental tray, then inserting the tray into your mouth. The powerful yet safe gel can lighten and even remove moderate stains.

If your teeth suffer from dental stains, we invite you to call Stanford Dental at 636-256-3559 today to speak with our experienced dentist and determine the most effective option for teeth whitening in Ballwin, Missouri.