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You’ve likely heard of a root canal, but do you know what it involves? Perhaps you’ve recently learned that you might need one yourself. If so, we want you to feel as comfortable and prepared as possible during your appointment. That’s why we’ve created this short guide on the reason behind and the process of root canal therapy.

When the nerve or pulp of your tooth is infected, it’s time to call Dr. James Stanford for root canal therapy, which is sometimes called endodontic treatment, immediately. Waiting too long can mean total extraction. But if you’re feeling the pain of damaged nerve endings, you won’t want to wait long anyway. A root canal can bring you the long-term relief you desire. And contrary to rumor, the process is no more painful than getting a dental filling.

Here’s the general process of a root canal: First, Dr. James Stanford will remove the infected tissues and will clean the tooth. Then he will seal it with a dental filling or dental crown. It’s that simple!

After the therapy, your tooth’s tissues may be swollen for a few days. This can cause sensitivity and discomfort. Over-the-counter pain medication will most likely alleviate all residual pain. Most people return to normal activity the next day. Until then, rest is best.

Do you need a root canal? Do you have other questions? Don’t hesitate to give Stanford Dental a call at 636-256-3559 for an appointment with our excellent Ballwin, Missouri, dentist. We look forward to helping you!