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We’re reminded at every dental appointment that flossing is an oral health activity we just can’t afford to miss. Yet only four in ten adults floss on a regular basis – the recommended once-per-day schedule. That’s a bit scary when you take into account that flossing really is essential to lasting, outstanding oral health.

But just saying that’s not enough. So our team here at Stanford Dental in Ballwin, Missouri, put this piece together to help you understand exactly why you really need to floss.

Cleans more of your mouth

Brushing your teeth is something we’re all pretty able to commit to doing. However, would you be surprised if you heard that brushing only cleans about 65% of the surface of any given tooth? While it sounds a bit odd, it’s completely true. Your brush doesn’t get all of the plaque, food, and other debris that sticks in your mouth – but floss does.

Say no to cavities

If you don’t want cavities – and let’s be honest here, who does? – then you need to floss. A leading cause of cavities is excess tartar buildup, which is hardened plaque which hasn’t been removed. Flossing is a great way to take care of that plaque and ensure that your mouth is as healthy as possible.