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Why Baby Teeth Are Important

February 15, 2019
Posted By: Stanford Dental

If you are an expecting mom or new parent, you might have started your research into children’s dentistry. In our Manchester, MO dental office, we always tell our patients that good oral health for kids begins during pregnancy! Mom’s dietary choices and oral hygiene will impact those of her child as the first step in a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Calling all Three-Year-Olds!

We welcome kids at about the age of three years old to become part of our dental family. This is when they have the attention and patience to sit in the dental chair! Of course, we love to see your children’s smiling faces, but it’s more than that. By age three, your little one will have a number of teeth, and they will need to be looked after properly to ensure that your child’s smile develops appropriately.

Why Baby Teeth Are Crucial

Baby teeth will eventually fall out, but that doesn’t mean that they are not important. Your child’s primary teeth, also known as milk teeth, will create the blueprint for their permanent teeth and their jaw development.

Premature tooth loss in kids can mean that teeth shift and not enough space is left for their adult teeth to emerge. This poses problems such as misalignment.

Kid’s Dentistry and Prevention

We will discuss how to care for your child’s baby teeth at home and will clean their teeth and do an exam while they are here in our dental office. If decay develops, a filling is important to keep your child out of pain and to protect their baby teeth. A healthy smile also gives kids confidence!

We always provide gentle children’s dentistry in our Manchester, MO dental office. We love welcoming families and seeing your children grow. Give us a call to schedule a dental appointment. We make kids feel comfortable, so they don’t fear dentistry.

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